The From the Bench combination completed with Taproom

Written by Taproom
Created Oct 05, 2023 | 2 min read

The From the Bench brand and all its casual, hyper-casual, and fantasy manager mobile games are now a part of the game studio operated by Taproom, a company in the Techsoulogy group which was started for the purpose of creating entertainment for mobile devices (App Store and Google Play) that would attract and entertain a global audience.

This is the reason you’re now seeing the same games as always under a new brand which will help improve the developments and your experience.

Committed to mobile entertainment

With this move, Taproom is entering the field of sports games which is one of the most successful sectors in the industry. And it’s doing so in collaboration with a renowned brand in this niche, From the Bench, which has launched more than 50 sports managers officially licensed by the world’s major sports competitions such as the NBA, the NFL and football clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester City, among others.

In fact, coinciding with the 2023–2024 soccer season and as part of an agreement with LaLiga, Taproom has just launched LaLiga Clash and Head Football, two games with innovative gameplays in this sport category as they go beyond the typical roles and use cards and “head players” to form teams, design strategies and win the World Cup, other cups, and national soccer leagues.

Also in this sport category, From the Bench (now known as Taproom) has Fantasy Manager Football to sign the best players in the world’s leagues; Be a Legend to become a soccer legend; as well as the Top Stars card game, a fantasy game based on the Spanish soccer league, Evolution Manager, and NFL Manager for American football.

Also under the sports category in the Taproom portfolio, you can find basketball games like Basketball Manager, as well as a whole list of casual games including the popular Bingo Pets with more than 50 thousand downloads from Google Play, strategy games like Tribal Battlefield based on warrior and tribe dynamics, simulation games such as Top Chef Hero and some of the sportiest games like Football Bross, Brawl Tennis, Super Caps League, Football Kick Shooter, and Hardball.

In short, it reflects a major commitment to the area of mobile device entertainment games which you can find on Google Play and on the App Store, allowing Taproom to position itself in different vertical markets and establish the foundation to build experiences in new and emerging digital environments.

Taproom in the Techsoulogy group

The integration of the brand From the Bench in Taproom was completed after Tappx, AdTech, also a part of the Techsoulogy group, announced the acquisition of the brand in May 2022 as part of the company’s diversification strategy aimed at entering the mobile game sector.

The Techsoulogy group includes the following brands that work from their area of specialization in creating common synergies to benefit publishers, advertisers, and end users:

  • Tappx: an AdTech firm that offers innovative app monetization, user acquisition, and advertising solutions for mobile publishers, app developers, and advertisers.
  • PlayOnContent: a video generation and monetization platform that offers custom and easy-to-implement solutions to grow online audiences and boost advertising revenue.
  • Contextualize-it: an AI-driven programmatic contextual advertising solution for the most relevant and user-friendly advertising experience.
  • Taproom: a global interactive and mobile-first games company that offers casual, hyper-casual, and fantasy manager games to entertain the world.

Following the integration of the former From the Bench into Taproom, advertisers can now benefit from a new, 100%-controlled inventory that’s high-quality, exclusive, and direct with no intermediaries.

Third-party development

Besides launching its own games, Taproom also offers a third-party service to help brands interested in connecting with a broader audience by offering them entertainment content that people can truly connect with.

Taproom develops games as well as mobile apps for any brand needing assistance, putting all of its expertise in the mobile sector into not only the digital product development phase, but also into the very definition of the project to ensure the best results.

A few examples of these developments for third parties launched by Taproom include the aforementioned LaLiga Clash and Head Football for LALIGA, as well as the official apps of the Atlético de Madrid soccer club and the Spanish Royal Boxing Federation as well as soccer fantasy games by the international videogame company Sandsoft.

You can find more information on Taproom developments for third parties at this link.