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Become the best player in the town with Bingo Pets.

Become an official NFL manager and sign the best players!

Play soccer fantasy manager with real stats from players.

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Casual games

Our casual games are made to entertain you when and wherever you want. From Bingo Pets to Top Chef Hero and much more. Fun, easy, and free!

Fantasy managers

A range of mobile games with more than 20 million downloads, offering players the chance to become team general managers in the world’s top sports; soccer, basketball, baseball, or American football.

Developments for brands

Taproom helps brands develop their own apps and games to connect and entertain new audiences. Take a look at the digital products we’ve created for LALIGA, Atlético de Madrid, the Royal Spanish Boxing Federation, and Sansoft, among others.

We work with the most advanced technology and a human-first approach to all our solutions, while constantly exploring, learning, and improving. We never stand still.

Maybe we’re not first in the field, but our creativity and technology are always ready to play.

We work every day for our one million active users as we were professional Super Bowl players.

No idea is too crazy, no dream is too big, and no failure is too scary for our team members.

We strongly believe that by treating everyone with fairness and respect, no one loses.

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