Fantasy Managers

Become a team general manager

Sign players, train them, create strategies, and win the top sports competitions of soccer, basketball, baseball, and American football.

NFL Manager 2023


Become the manager of the best American Football league game! Choose the best NFL players for your team and become the winner!

*From now on, we will only have the license of NFL players, not teams.

Basketball Manager


This is a Fantasy Manager game with NBA players but without using the official license of the American Basketball league. It uses real stats from the real players. The user must choose what team to manage and sign the best players for his basketball team.


Fantasy Manager Football


Fantasy Manager game focused on soccer with real stats from players. Pick football players from the best soccer leagues in the world such as: Spanish, English, Italian, German, French, USA, Brazilian or Saudi Arabia league.


Be a Legend


Manager game with a fictitious style in which the user decides how to manage the career of a footballer. The user takes part in making decisions over the football game.

Top Stars


Card game based in the successful mechanisms of Hearthstone y Clash Royale. It uses real players without license.

Evolution Manager


Pure fantasy game for Spanish Soccer League.
The engine of the game would be easily adapted for other sports.

Franquicia FLIPS


PVP card game easily adaptable to other sports and themes. It’s simple and addictive, with a very fast learning curve.

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